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Mendel University in Brno


Faculty of Business and Economics


Department of Law



Invitation for the International Scientific Conference


"Public procurement and PPP projects -- Necessity of Changes in the EC and in CR - new procurement directives and the Czech procurement law"


March 31 - April 1, 2022

Conference focus

The International scientific conference is a forum for presentation of research and development activities connected with a solution of research plans and other research and development projects related to the public procurement and PPP projects solved by the participants at their home schools, universities, research institutes and business subjects.


Organization guarantee:



Assoc. Prof. Radek Jurcik



Registration and paper submission deadline: September 17, 2020 (Way of registration)

Conference registration can be done by email: verejne.zakazky@pef.mendelu.cz  

Papers can be sent by e-mail to the address jurcik@mendelu.cz


Conference fee: CZK 1100 (50 EUR)

(includes organization, proceedings, food, and refreshments; does not include accommodation). If a participant pays the fee but cannot participate in the conference, the fee is not refunded.


Fee payment: Fee will be paid on bank account 2500069353 / 2010

Please write our identification code of conference: 9502170091

IBAN: SK7683300000002500069353.

SWIFT Code: FIOZSKBAXXX. Participants from abroad may pay in place. Other form of payment is not possible.


More information about conference:





International Scientific Committee



Prof. Ing. Věra Bečvářová, CSc., Faculty of Business and Economics MUAF in Brno,

Doc. JUDr. Karel Marek, CSc., Faculty of Law, Masaryk University in Brno,

Doc. JUDr. Martin Janků, CSc., Faculty of Business and Economics MUAF in Brno,

JUDr. Eleonora Marišová, Ph.D., Faculty of European studies and Regional development, SUA in Nitra,

JUDr. Václav Novotný, President of the tax and financial division of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic,

Doc. JUDr. Stanislav Plíva, CSc., Fakulty of Law, Charles University in Prague,

JUDr. Marie Sciskalová, Ph.D., School of Business Administration in Karvina, SU in Opava.

Doc. JUDr. Ing. Radek Jurčík, Ph.D.


Conference languages Czech, Slovak and English

Location Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno, the Czech Republic

Building "A", Zemědělská 1, Brno-Černá Pole, the Czech Republic


  1. Papers for the conference will be accepted in Czech, Slovak, or English language. Accepted format of papers is MS Word (font Times New Roman, 12 pt, single spacing, all margins 2.5 cm) in the structure of scientific paper (introduction, objectives and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, references). Detailed information will be available at the conference website.
  2. Paper format:
    • Title -- title of the paper, 16 pt, bold, capital letters, centred, drop one line.
    • Name of the author and co-authors without titles, drop one line.
    • Abstract, key words, drop one line.
    • Text of the paper. Use only two levels of headings: Level 1: 14 pt, bold, capitalized, centered, Level 2: 12 pt, bold, centered.
    • References at the end of the papers according to the ISO 690 standard.
    • At the end of the paper, please, include your contact address (including titles).
    • Tables and figures placed in text, number and title above tables / below figures.
    • Note: Papers will be reviewed.

Paper will be reviewed and printed in the scientific Journal "Public Contracts and PPP projects" 


Papers can be sent by e-mail to the address verejne.zakazky@pef.mendelu.cz. Please, put conference as the subject.